18-Year-Old Kansas Woman Wins $25,000 on Her First-Ever Lottery Ticket: ‘I Was in Shock’


An 18-year-old woman from Kansas won $25,000 on her first-ever lottery ticket.

Earlier this week, Sloan Stanley bought her first lottery ticket just days after her 18th birthday, winning the top prize in the Kansas Lottery’s $5 Cash Cow instant game, according to Kansas Lottery.

“I bought the Cash Cow ticket because I like cows and thought it was cute,” Stanley said in a news release. “I was in shock that the first ticket I ever bought ended up winning $25,000!”

As for her family’s reaction to her extraordinary luck, Stanley detailed to Kansas Lottery that when she first told her father about her winnings he didn’t initially believe that she had actually won big.

However, upon further inspection, Stanley’s father realized that she was indeed a winner.

“My family is all super excited and happy for me, and they still can’t believe it!” she said.

Stanley plans to attend Fort Hays State University later in the fall to study Elementary Education and is looking to put the winnings towards her college degree.

“I’m excited to start college later this year and I hope this will help me graduate without debt,” she said.

The young woman’s winning ticket was sold at Country Harvest Apple Market at 7312 K-4 Highway in Meriden. Kansas Lottery went on to note that five top prizes still remain in the $5 Cash Cow instant scratch game, alongside “thousands in other prizes.”